Miracle Story

Thinking again of the land across from St. Francis Catholic Worker brings thoughts of  Rosalee at her worst and her subsequent gentling Rosalee was a regular house visitor , a  street person. She spoke a great deal,usually  barely coherent, making odd connections between words and phrases. But on occasion, she would get on a roll of  bad behavior and get banned from the house for some duration. And sometimes she would sit on the steps of the abandoned six flat across the street and curse. And curse and curse. For hours. Sometimes the profanity was dull repitionn of the regular words. At other times it was vulgarity and profanity more imaginative and exotic than heard before or since.   That, however, was not the miracle.

The miracle was that Mark and Lynn took Rosalee into their apartment  home at some time when they were married and even after John was born. And she stayed there. And her behavior calmed and pleasanted.Mirabile dictu, vero.

The story of Rosalee amazes more than all others. But it was not the only story of “Christ rooms” or “Christ couches”.  Kathy, Kris and Sr. Joellen  gave hospitality to  Old Ray and Frank for weeks on end, especially in the winter. When old Ray was too drunk or boisterous to stay inside the apartment, these women  would let him stay outside on the landing  with blanket and pillow. On many occasions, ,Kathy would have to clean  up the piss before she went to teach. Kathy would have to get up very early because she had a long commute.  Kathy, Kris and Sr.Joellen lived at 4743 Kenmore, the “do gooders ghetto”. Jim and Paul and Roger and Rickand  others also did various types of hospitality. Joe and his roommate let Jimmy H stay sometimes, which allowance  also required some piss-cleaning on occasion. At the most primitive level, Lynn and others would leave their cars unlocked on Kenmore so people could sleep there.

Most of this was before David Buer sfo started shelter. But that is a whole set of other tales.

Thus it is good and traditional that QWhite Rose Catholic Worker has friends, associates, and hangers on who are offering hospitality privarely..